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Staff leasing

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Dedicated Staff

Staff Leasing

– Full-time Dedicated Staff & Full-suite of HR and Payroll Services

GSL Enterprise Support offers Staff Leasing and Staffing services by providing full-time dedicated remote staff or virtual employees working from private offices in Albania. Our clients in the United States, Canada and Italy are given direct access to their employees through phone, skype, and/or email, while implementing their own specific processes and setting deliverables. Clients are also given the option to work directly in the office with their dedicated Albanian staff.

– Staff Leasing (Virtual Employees) in Albania

GSL offers Staff Leasing services. Staff leasing covers the practice of hiring an employee on a temporary basis for an indefinite period of time without the use of a temporary staffing agency. Staff leasing often allows an organization to be flexible about the length of contract terms for various job positions. This practice is used across multiple industries and organization sizes. We provide full-time, dedicated remote staff or virtual employees working from private offices inside of our managed facilities in Tirana. Our clients are given direct access to their employees over multiple channels (phone, Skype, email) while implementing their own systems, processes, and setting deliverables. Clients also have the option to work directly in the office with their dedicated leased staff.

GSL has uniquely positioned itself to provide value-added services to businesses overseas who would like to enter the market without going through the tedious process of incorporating local entities and dealing with the nuances of HR & Labor laws. With this method of doing business, GSL can help you initiate operations in Albania seamlessly.
GSL Staff Leasing Steps
• Client provides GSL with job descriptions
• GSL sources then selects candidates
• Client interviews and selects from short-listed candidates
• GSL onboards employees with employment contracts
• GSL provides private office for client’s employees based on team size

– Outsourced Staff in Albania
GSL sources and provides leased staff equipped with the skills needed for any business operation. We ensure that your virtual staff or outsourced employees are compliant with your policies and prioritize your team’s overall productivity through hard work and collaboration with your internal team.
Staff Outsourcing is also ideal for companies in the process of scaling up. By providing clients with additional manpower on a project-based contract, we’re able to assist company growth without obligating companies to a labor contract that extends beyond the scope of any given project. This flexibility, combined with our cost-efficient rates, make our Staffing solutions in Albania perfect for companies in various industries, from IT-BPO to HR and Payroll.

GSL Staff Outsourcing Steps
• We assist you in determining what skills are required for your project/ongoing functions
• We meet with you to discuss your labor requirements from compensation to work hours
• Using the best local sourcing channels, we search for talent that are best-suited for your requirements
• We hire your temporary employees using the terms and conditions agreed upon